Ultraflon Brand Flouropolymer Additives by Laurel Products

Ultra-precise. Ultra-consistent. Ultra-value. These are the cornerstones of the Laurel Ultraflon brand.

As our flagship brand, Ultraflon has set the new standard of excellence in the fluoropolymer additive industry. Quality begins with the selection of premium resins, unlike “scrap” or “waste stream” resins that are used by many of our competitors. The end product can only be as good as the initial raw materials, so Laurel demands only the highest quality resins for its Ultraflon product range. In fact, Laurel has only specified less than 3% of the resins available on the market today, as very few resins meet our stringent quality standard.

But quality does not stop there. Applying rigorous Six Sigma processing methodology, Laurel’s processing ensures that variations in the product are reduced to a minimum. These exacting standards result in product uniformity and consistency that are simply unrivaled.

And the ultimate result? Improved product performance at the customer’s product level. This is the true testament of Ultraflon superiority.

From Laurel’s PTFE micropowders, to our FEP and PFA additives, there simply is one choice for those customers who demand a higher standard – Ultraflon.

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