Thor Brand Fluorinated Micas

The Thor brand of fluorinated Micas represents the pinnacle of engineered additives. Think your mica filler is “good enough”? Good enough never is. Good enough is what your industry peers are thinking. It is time to establish a competitive advantage by using an additive that represents extreme performance – Thor branded additives by Laurel.

Thor-FP SEM Image 1500x

Thor-FP SEM – Click for Larger View

Thor-FP is a synthetic mica that is one of the most thermally and chemically stable additives ever created. The presence of fluorine in the mica chemical structure enhances the thermal stability of this additive, offering a service temperature over 1000 C. Thor-FP demonstrates a highly crystalline form that, in combination with its fluorinated chemistry, provides an ideal dry lubricant morphology, as platelets exhibit an ability to shear and slide over one another. Laurel’s proprietary coating technologies ensure unsurpassed chemical reproducibility, and unmatched additive performance, quality, and reliability. Thor-FP is white in color, and is insoluble in water. Laurel’s precision milling process ensures accuracy in achieving the median particle size, and added process steps to reduce deviation from the mean, thereby improving its overall performance as an additive in various coating and polymeric resin systems.

Good enough is what your competitors are thinking. Choose to be better through innovative additives that push the performance standard to a higher level. Choose Thor branded micas.

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