Marzon Brand of Flouropolymer Additives by Laurel Products

Marzon branded fluoropolymer additives defy the “me too” approach to engineered additives. They are simply without equal in the marketplace, because they are pure Laurel innovations.

In the Marzon brand of additives, Laurel has taken the excellence of the Ultraflon product line and improved upon it. Whether through thermal treatment to improve stability, vibratory processing to improve the particle morphology, or a secondary densification step to improve particle density, Marzon branded additives offer uniquely desirable characteristics. Essentially, they are the tried and true Ultraflon products you already know, subjected to secondary processing enhancements. The result? Fluoropolymer additives that establish an even higher standard of performance.

If your company is one that embraces innovation, look toward Marzon branded additives. If your technical team is engineering toward improved performance, consider Marzon. If you are striving for competitive advantage by outperforming your peers, demand Marzon.

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