Rail and Transportation Internal Coating/Lining Challenges:

  • Product release
  • Wear resistance
  • Chemical and natural corrosion resistance
  • FDA approval
  • Maintenance
  • Coating uniformity

Ultraflon™ Fluoropolymer Advantages:

  • Far superior release
  • Fluoropolymer plumes to the surface at ambient cure temperature
  • Lowers maintenance and service down-time by reducing need for exterior impact to release product
  • High build, high performance
  • Reduces product loss
  • Recommended products meet criteria for FDA 21 CFR 177.1550
  • Minimal gloss reduction
  • Excellent adhesion still achieved
  • Chemical and corrision resistant

Laurel has specially formulated a superior line of non-VOC, high build, high viscosity, water-based PTFE dispersions specifically manufactured to address and resolve the industry challenges. Our dispersions, when formulated in two-part epoxy systems, create tremendous surface area coverage. Because our products disperse well and plume to the surface better, they maximize the release, wear and corrosion resistance characteristics of PTFE. This also prolongs the life of the coating and lowers maintenance costs. These dispersions are only available through Laurel Products using proprietary ingredients. Our standard line of PTFE micropowders can also be used in solvent based formulas.

Recommended PTFE Micropowders: MP-Series (all of Laurel’s PTFE micropowders are suitable. Please Contact Us and we’ll help find the best possible match to your application)

Recommended Dispersions: AD-10HV, AD-10NHV 

Recommended FEP Micropowders: None