Industry Challenges:

It is well documented that industries that produce coal, cement and other mined product-environmentminerals, throughout the world are prone to forming fine particles that can become air-borne. Some of these minerals when in this dust form can be carcinogenic when inhaled and produce adverse chronic health issues. This dust results in product loses for the manufacturer and creates potential hazards, not only to the employee’s working at the facility, but also the people and creatures living in the surrounding area.

Other industries such as cat litter and sorptive mineral producers actually see a benefit in the final product by offering their end users a 99.9% dust free material. .

Ultraflon Dust Suppression Product Advantages:

  • Never dries out or evaporates off
  • Reduces cost by putting more material into the package or transportation vehicle and less waste in bag-houses
  • It does not effect the properties or characteristics of the host material
  • Healthier working environment helps keep manufacturing plants within regulatory guidelines and above safety standards
  • Extends the longevity of machinery prone to damaging fine-particle materials, reducing maintenance down time
  • Increased processing efficiency by reduced collection of dust in bag houses
  • Tests have proven to increase densities on ultra-fine materials up to 30% (Ultra-fine being defined as particle sizes of 10 µm or less)

How It Works:

We manufacture a water-based PTFE dispersion that reduces dust by forming micro-fibrils when sheared. The nanometer diameter fibrils form a network (like a cob-web) with sufficient strength to hold the fine particles of the host material in place. In more permeable materials the fibrils act as a netting keeping dust trapped in pores from escaping into the environment. As seen in the images below these fibrils create enormous surface area providing efficient dust removal at extremely low usage rates.

Recommended PTFE Micropowders: None

Recommended Dispersions: AD-10

Recommended FEP Micropowders: None