Electronics & Wire / Cable


  •  Electronic Circuit Board & Wire/Cable Additives
  • Inert to practically all chemicals even at elevated temperatures
  • Excellent Resistance to Ultra-Violet radiation and stress-cracking
  • Non-contaminating, Non-toxic and bio-compatible
  • Resistant to fungus and mold growth
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Fire (flame/drip) suppression
  • Soldering iron resistant and suitable for high density wiring


  • Suitable for very wide frequency range, over wide temperature range
  • Lowest dielectric constant (2.1)
  • Excellent insulator
  • Lowest dissipation factor
  • Highest volume and surface resistive
  • Smaller size, lighter weight and much higher reliability
  • Cold-flow and cut-through resistance — fair (good mechanical strength)
  • Excellent flex-life


Laurel also offers a unique high viscosity, non-VOC, water-based PTFE dispersion, AD-10HV, as a lubricant for wire and cable pulling and stripping. The advantage of the high viscosity dispersion is that it reduces the number of applications from multiple passes to a single coating operation.

Recommended PTFE Micropowders: MP-8T, MP-25, MP-55

Recommended Dispersions: AD-10HV 

Recommended FEP Micropowders: FP-10, FP-15