Aerospace & Composites

Aerospace, Renewable Energy and Other Composite Coating Challenges:

  • Engineering resins have high coefficients of friction
  • Flammable
  • Drip during burning that increases smoke
  • Elastomers have very poor release
  • Wear resistance and durability
  • Coatings are hydrophilic

Ultraflon™ Fluoropolymers Advantages:

  • Provides hydrophobic/ice-shedding surface
  • Consistent production with reduced polymer oxidation
  • Improved additive dispersion, flow and productivity
  • Chemically inert, corrosion resistant
  • Imparts lubricity and surface gloss
  • Aides in release from mold
  • Flame/Drip suppressant
  • Increases tear/wear resistance
  • High temperature filler in FKM

Recommended PTFE Micropowders: MP-55, UF-8TA

Recommended Dispersions: Complete AD-Series (for mold and transferable mold release agents)

Recommended FEP Micropowders: None