Additives for Lubricants

From metalworking fluids to anti-seize greases, the key to an effective additive is lubricity. Thankfully, Laurel Products provides the engineered additives to improve the performance of your lubricant.

Fluoropolymers exhibit the lowest coefficient of friction of any synthetic solid. Fluoropolymers are also comparatively soft polymers, and thus are not abrasive to mating surfaces. Therefore, they are superbly positioned as additives in various lubricants. Moreover, with Laurel’s micronization technology, many of our Ultraflon and Marzon additives feature maximized surface areas. This results in our unique additives imparting the greatest lubricating influence within your product.

Have viscosity concerns relative to incorporation of additives? That is where our Technical expertise is paramount. Laurel offers a myriad of additive solutions that both impact, or minimally mpacts viscosity, depending upon your thixotropic goal.

Contact Laurel Products to discover the best engineered additives for your lubricant system.