Additives for Coatings

Laurel’s additives are the perfect choice for a vast array of coating systems.

Ultraflon and Marzon fluoropolymer additives provide extreme corrosion protection for industrial components. They are frequently used in coatings for fasteners used in extreme environments. Also, due to their extremely low surface energy, superb release properties and high temperature capabilities, Laurel Ultraflon and Marzon additives are ideal for multiple release, non-stick cookware and bakeware coatings. Laurel’s fluoropolymer additives function as a dry lubricant embedded within the coating matrix, providing essential lubrication in reciprocating, dynamic applications.

Laurel’s E-Lube 100 functions extraordinarily well as a rubber gasket coating, permitting greater ease of installation and replacement in the field.

As for abrasion resistance, it does not get better than Thor-FP fluorinated mica. Hard yet lubricious, Thor provides the best of the mica mineral and characteristics of fluoropolymers.

From mold release coatings, to bakeware coatings, to industrial coatings, Laurel’s additives provide the engineered solution to achieve coating excellence.