About Laurel

Laurel Products was founded in 2001 by Michael Coates, PhD. After validating a unique processing method, a patent was issued that encompassed a means of pinning hydrophilic molecules on the surface of fluoropolymers. Essentially, it made the hydrophobic fluoropolymer hydrophilic, thereby aiding its dispersion into aqueous and other polar solvents. This concept eventually was commercialized to become the Laurel product grade known as Ultraflon UF-8TA.

The success of UF-8TA reinforced the fact that there was a market need for more highly developed, customized additives. Clearly, off-the-shelf solutions were not solving the market demands for innovative additives. Additives were needed that pushed the performance envelope. Embracing this concept of innovative additives, Laurel Products was formed and has grown steadily ever since due to its competitive pricing, performance-driven product developments, and best-in-class service levels.

Laurel Products are proudly manufactured in the U.S.A., in Elverson, Pennsylvania. We pride ourselves on environmental responsibility and community contributions. Our corporate value system is reflected in our products and service levels.

Innovative additives. Customized solutions.
A philosophy that “good enough never is”. 
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